Steel Fabrication

    We work in close liaison with both commercial construction companies and private clients to fabricate structural steel framework systems, working from engineering drawings as supplied by our customers. We also fabricate heavy-duty platforms, walkways & gantries; fire escapes; steel footplates for timber structures and stairways & balustrades both for internal and external applications.

    Our Steel Fabrication Projects

    We can offer a full range of finishes:

    Spray paint

    Sprayed with a colour of your choice.

    Hot dipped galvanising

    This is the process of immersing steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal in order provide a further protection and prevent rusting.

    Powder coating

    This is a method of providing a coating onto metal by the application of a free-flowing, dry powder. The powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form .It is typically applied electrostatically ,then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin". A powder coat provides an even distribution of cover and produces a high quality durable finish. The standard colour option for railings and gates is black, however, we can offer a variety of colour options.

    View Colour Chart (RAL Classic Colour Chart)

    Our Steel Fabrication Services include the following:

    • Agricultural buildings
    • Architectural Steel Fabrications
    • Box Section Steel Plate Fabrications
    • Black Steel Plate
    • Black Steel Tubes
    • Bow Top Railings
    • Bright Steel Rods
    • Bright Steel Sheet
    • British Standard (BS) Steel Black Tubes
    • British Standard (BS) Steel Galvanised Tubes
    • Bright Steel
    • Building Steel Frame Constructions
    • Channels
    • Cold Drawn Steel Profiles
    • Cold Drawn Steel Shapes
    • Cold Drawn Steel Welded Seam Steel Tubes
    • Cold Finished Hollow Steel Sections
    • Cold Formed Steel Profiles
    • Cold Formed Reduced Steel Sheet
    • Columns
    • Custom brackets
    • Cut & bent reinforcing
    • Commercial Steel Fabrication
    • Construction steel
    • External Straight Staircases
    • Fabrication Installation
    • Galvanising
    • Galvanised Sheet Metalworking
    • Galvanised Sheet Fabrications to Specification
    • Gantries
    • Heavy Red Oxide Finished Steel Tubes
    • Hollow Steel Sections
    • I Section Steel Plate Fabrications
    • On Site Fabrication
    • Light Structural Steel Fabrications
    • Loft steelwork
    • Medium Red Oxide Finished Steel Tubes
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Mild Steel Rods
    • Mild Steel Sections
    • Mild Steel Fabrications
    • MIG welding
    • Mezzanine floors
    • On site welding
    • Powder coating
    • Platforms
    • Perforated Steel Sheet
    • Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) Steel Fabrication
    • RSJ s
    • Pipe Railings
    • Structrual Steelwork to Specification
    • Security Grilles
    • Sheet Metalworking or Fabrication to Specifcation
    • Steel Cold Formed Black Rectangular Hollow (RHS) Sections
    • Steel Fabrication to Specification
    • Steel beams
    • Steel Framework
    • Steel footplates
    • Steel Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet Fabrication
    • Steel Plate to Specification
    • Steel Rods
    • Steel Sheet Cutting
    • Steel Holow Square Sections (SHS)
    • Steel Tapered Flanges Channel Fabrications
    • Steel Tubes
    • Structural steelwork
    • Structural Steel Profiles
    • Structural Steel Sections
    • Thick Wall Steel Tubes
    • Thin Guage Steel
    • Universal Beam Steel Fabrications
    • Universal Column Steel Fabrications

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